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Permutation(s) is an interactive multimedia installation connecting Icelandic nature and Brno and its surronding forests.

Permutation(s) is a conversation precisely between these two-contrasting worlds - on the one hand Brno, a busy Central European historical city in the center of South Moravia, rich in diverse vegetation and wildlife and on the other hand Iceland, volcanic island in the middle of the ocean, rather barren with abundant of waterfalls and geothermal sites with diverse surface activities and where geysers are the biggest attraction.

Viewers are invite to interact and by that create compositions through their movement and reaction to the installation components and the spatial situation in the exhibition.




Permutation is a interactive video / sculpture / musical instrument / installation from 2024, where the participation of the visitor is requested in order for the work to evolve.

The string instrument is connected to a sensor which triggers video sequences. and in combination of the pressure sensor in the chair a different set of videos from the other world can be viewed through the stringinstrument. The isntallation has also a distance range sensor working on 3 different distance with 3 different videos two of which gets activated as the visitor enters the installation space.

Permutation is made for 1 interactive instrumental string sculpture,
1 interactive chair, 1 distance range sensor, 1 projector, 4 arduino's,
2 speakers, 1 computer running MAX/MSP Jitter and 9 videos in
loops of 1 min format HD, color, Pal, sterio.

Exhibited in Vasulka Kitchen, Brno, Czech Republic 2024