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Point of View is video for screening from 2023 with 30 sec extraction from the video at the lower image.

The topic Beauty of Femlink got me reflecting on what is beauty? For me the nature, the forces of nature, the light, the life all around from the smallest micro- components of this earth to the magnificent ocean, mountains, volcanos, geysers, waterfalls, forests and the planet itself seen from the stars, the Cosmos, the Moon, the Sun, the Milky Way.

Beauty is all around us so how do you address that? I believe that I have been busy for few decades now in capturing beauty in my work, many of whom are addressing the nature and the forces of nature both in video, interactive video installation, in painting and recent sculpture as well.

The admiration for the ocean goes back to my early childhood as I grew up next to the beach in Reykjavik. After living for about 25 years far from the ocean I realized how much affect it has on me and how privilege I have been to be able to enjoy its endless variety of the ocean its movement, colour and texture.

Created for Femlink topic Beauty. Duration: 2 min., HD, Pal, Color, Stereo.